Me – publication


You are asked to create content, words and images, for a publication that you are also to design. The starting point for the content of the publication is yourself. The primary intended audience for your publication, that your design must appeal to is students and in particular design students. Your competitors are your fellow students working on this project.

Some interesting Folding


“The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer can look for a solution appropriate to his personal style. But one must learn how to use the grid; it is an art that requires practice.” Josef Müller-Brockmann

I am hoping that these articles will help me to understand mystery of the Grid System.

Myths & Misconceptions About Grid Systems

Grids are good

Designing With Grid-Based Approach


The 892 unique ways to partition a 3 x 4 grid



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