Bad Girls – the very talented illustator Ann Shen

Quirky work by LA based illustrator Ann Shen.


there is something about NYC


Anni Kuan Hanger
Fashion brochure for New York designer Anni Kuan, celebrating New York laundromats. We really only had the budget to print a post card. But a friendly designer told us about a really cheap newspaper printer. He could do the entire run for under 500 dollars. We then bought wire hangers (2 cents/piece) and corrugates boards (12 cents/piece). Got a shrink warp machine ($ 500) and the client hired a student to put it all together.

Art Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Stefan Sagmeister, Hjalti Karlsson
Photography: Tom Schierlitz
Illustration: Martin Woodtli
Client: Anni Kuan Design
Date: 1999



Weave Type

Such a cool and creative idea by Zim and Zou.


Here is some of the font experiments for my chosen cities.

I wanted to keep Helsinki light, sleek, simple and modern. Colour palette that I had in mind could be light blue and white, also pale grey.

Moscow is bold and something quite masculine looking, also a has a cyrillic look to it. Something rigid and angular.  Colour palette could be red, dark/ pale grey, white and black.

San Francisco bit rounded and light and fun looking. Colour palette could be burnt orange and grey, maybe some white.


Letter A


Kick off